I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...

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With digital, clicks are free, people get to experiment with all sorts of shooting, everyone who buys a SLR try out action shooting, many find after 500 or 1000 clicks, it is not for them. In film days, how many people could afford doing this ?

Just a random question, does anyone think folks are becoming better photographers because of the instant results they get from digital, or were folks more inclined to give more thought to their photos in the film days making them better photographers?

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Wrong forum, since I have jumped ship and use a Fuji X-E1 now, but I am interested in photography in general so was following this thread. The Fuji X-E1 has an EVF with 2.3m dots, when you take a photo and keep your eye on the viewfinder you can see the image taken straight away, so you have "real life" in your viewfindern and then the photo taken, instantaneously. I find that this would have taught me a thing or 2 about exposure and motion blur and how far I could push this.

In 1986 I took my F3 with a 24/2.8 lens to a lagoon in Candi Dasa, Bali, sat there from 5:30 onwards and waited for the light, had a glorious reflection of a ring of palm trees later blown up to 50x70cm ... glorious days, but was a lot of guessing, I think I must have taken around 30 or so shots and in all honesty could not tell you which photo out of the sequence I later used for the enlargement, 2 months had gone by and my recollection as to what strategy, if you like, I used on the day got a tad blurry ... with the Fuji, it would have taken me a couple of minutes and I would have learned ont he way.

Here is a good example I think of what I mean. Photo taken a few weeks ago, long exposure shot, so I looked at ripples and small waves in the viewfinder and then the actual photo taken replaced it and I could tell immediately what effect the shutter speed had on smoothening thise ripples. I think for me the answer is clear regarding what is better ...



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