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Re: Does Helicon Remote work with CamRanger?

Robin Casady wrote:

Are you limited to the CamRanger app on the iPad, or will it work with Helicon Remote and other apps?

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Robin Casady
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I can't tell you as I am not a Helicon user.
I use this setup for interior photography, portrait shoots and general landscape shoots and like the fact that its a wireless solution. For now there is a iOS and a Mac OSX (beta) version of the camranger software only. But I believe they are also working on an Android and PC version.

The app itself its very easy to use and it works very well to control your camera in every aspect. Checking critical focus is easy as you only have to pinch to see if you've got the focus right.
Haven't yet tried any other app to see if that would work too with the camranger as I have only been using it for one week now.

Another nice feature is that your customers can easily view the pictures you've taken and you don't have to worry that they fire the camera. For so far I am happy with what it can do.

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