E-M5 Lens question or two.

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Re: E-M5 Lens question or two.

You aren't likely to get any kind of consensus on lenses here, but FWIW here are my thoughts:

12-50(Oly) is a very convenient lens because of the range, macro, weather sealing and fast focus.  I like it because it has color that is reminiscent of the 12-60.  It isn't the sharpest lens for m4/3, but I generally only notice that on overcast low contrast days.

14-45 (Panny) is a sharper lens than the 12-50.  It is a very nice lens and cheap, doesn't have the convenience or color of the 12-50, but it is definitely sharper.

14-42 (Panny or Oly) I haven't used the latest versions but have read they aren't as sharp as the 14-45, FWIW.

40-150 (Oly) a tiny and cheap zoom (can get on sale for $99) that is surprisingly good, especially for the money.  It isn't a fast aperture lens but is good for travel considering the size and weight.

12-35 (Panasonic) I don't have this but it is faster zoom with good optics and also expensive.  I'm waiting to see what Olympus provides with rumored 12-40 coming this year.

75-300 (Oly) I have this lens and use it almost daily.  The optics are very good, although it does lose a bit between 250-300mm (but still good even then).  It focuses fast and works well handheld, not so good on a tripod because there is no tripod collar mount ring. It is larger than other m4/3 lenses, so if you want a couple of tiny lenses to fit in travel bag, get the 40-150 instead.  While we all want a small cheap fast aperture long zoom with amazing optics, this one is realistically a good balance of optics, price, size and weight.

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