E-M5 Lens question or two.

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Re: E-M5 Lens question or two.

Travelshooter wrote:

Progressed from P/S to advanced compacts such as G10, G12 and then Canon FF w/ L glass, arthritis and the need for lighter, APS-C T2i w/ top glass, older and the need for lighter so I used a Canon G1X last summer on a 7 week BKK vacation.  I have used the Panny GF-1 along the way and could not warm up to the treatment of color, either in camera of via LR. Sold it and all lenses.

Miss an interchangeable lens setup and liked the idea of m4/3, just not the Panny colors. Am (strongly) considering a return to m4/3 with the E-M5.  As you can tell by my screen name I like to shoot on trips. ...  and most of the time your feet can't be the zoom.  It needs to be built into the lens.  From the talk on the board I seem to "get it" that the latest 75-300 is the long zoom to have, unless I wanted to use an adapter and my 70-300L Canon. Weight of the total package is a concern and I don't see dropping the Canon glass into a photo vest pocket.

Can I take it that the 12-50ED with the camera is the bundle to order or am I better off with the body only and ....    what as a walk around zoom?? As a reference I find the range on my 15-85 APS-C Canon lens to be an ideal range for most purposes although a little shorter on the long end would not be a problem. That lens is a FF 24-136 equivalent vs the FF equivalent  24-100 of the 12 -50 ED.  I don't see myself using a m4/3 14-140 as a walk around as the greater the span the greater the compromises.

I realize the jpegs from this cam are supposed to be special however I see myself continuing to shoot RAW and process in LR 4.3 with the NIK full package as externals when needed. I use B+W UV-Haze MC brass ring on all my glass if it makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for the input.....

Its a no brainer, get the OMD with the 12-50mm kit lens, its a superb travel lens and a bit of a swiss army knife as features go.

OMD + 12-50mm

OMD + 12-50mm

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