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ptox wrote:


Use CrashPlan for online backup. It's dead easy to install, and unlimited family plans (unlimited data, unlimited computers) cost around $15/mo.

You can also use CrashPlan to:

- backup to a local hard drive

- backup to another computer on your network

- backup to your friend's computer, if he also has CrashPlan installed - for free!

It's all encrypted, so there's no security issue.

What happens if you forget your password ?


If you want to archive to physical media, use M-DISC DVDs. They use a rock substrate for the recording media, and are rated to last 1000 years. You need a special burner, but that only costs $50 and otherwise acts exactly like any DVD-ROM drive. (The discs can be read in any DVD-ROM drive.)


I'm interested in these, especially as they are shortly releasing a Blu-Ray size disc. Are you using them in practice?

Any comments ? Are they very expensive ?

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