Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

No but changing. Very simple to understand.

In years past when the poor, middle class, wealthy needed images of their families or events they had to hire a pro to get decent images. They needed a pro to record their memories and family members. Today because of technology the poor and most of the middle class can do it themselves. Its really that simple. They might do it poorly but they are still doing it none the less.

Today photography is a luxury item pure and simple. If you are marketing your services to people who have no money, do not purchase luxury items, goods and services, as well as your work is at a level that they can produce at home then they don't need you. Why would they? Seems pretty simple to me.

Only true professionals can command the wealthy market where people can afford to hire the best and will only hire a TRUE PRO. Someone who is a TRUE ARIST and a visual GENIUS, not a Debbie digital or a old and tired pro from years past who was never any good to begin with. Professional photography will never die but they masses will now be in charge of documenting their own lives.

People still hire painters and some artist sell their work for millions but who are they selling those items to? Not to you and me but the true wealthy. Also their are very few people who really do this for a living so photography is not dying but maybe shrinking in the traditional sense?

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