New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: There is a place for both but

I have a Canon 7D, 40D, and now a Lumix G5.  I use the Canon gear for my professional work and I use the G5 for family / vacation shots and outings.  I got tired of lugging my 24-70 and 70-200mm lenses around so I opted for the smaller G5 which is a great camera.  even thou the smaller rebel is just about the same size as the G5, the lenses are still larger and heavier!  Sorry but the image quality from a 4/3 sensor is NOT the quality you get from a APC size sensor, I've compared them and there is a visible difference, this being said I would not hesitate grabbing my G5 and taking some portrait shots if needed, the quality is excellent and better than any other compact camera, and that is why I chose the micro 4/3 over say a FZ200.

Canon does not want to invest more money and time into a m4/3 format camera, they would rather invest in lenses, just as we as customers are always looking for a better lens to shoot with, any pro will tell you that you want to put money into lenses and not cameras.  The great thing about the m4/3 lenses is they are pretty good across the board.  I'm waiting for Sigma and Tamron to start investing more money into the m4/3 lenses, I would love to see a sigma 50-500mm m4/3 lens or a 12-50mm lens, I'm sure they will, I just hope it is soon.

the new smaller rebel is going to be for entry level customers who will work there way up to a full size SLR, but eventually will purchase something smaller like a Lumix G5 for family and vacations, like me

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