Questions about raw, tiff, jpeg, and DNG

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Re: Questions about raw, tiff, jpeg, and DNG

Tom Axford wrote:

"more programs know about DNG than some proprietary RAW formats, hence it may be better in the long term."

Quite possibly this is the appropriate answer.  Or not, depending.   Seems to me sorta like pay your money and take your chances.

Adobe would like to see this open source format adopted as a standard, and are working to advance the idea, but I see little evidence that Nikon for example has any inclination to participate long term.  It seems to me that the current raw formats will be around for a while and I believe that at least for my part the thing to do is keep the camera raw files and deal with the issue when the time comes.

At some point perhaps there will be no new software to view your raw file, or no suitable computer to run old software on, but I am postponing the issue until some clear future standard comes forward.  DNG may or may not be the one and I don't feel it necessary to decide right now.

You can certainly argue that converting to a "universal" format a little bit at a time would be less an imposition than having to do some kind of marithon last minute conversion of mountains of images, but I just can't seem to get myself motivated to adopt a format that may or may not end up being a perminant standard.

Regarding your other questions, I am in agreement with Mr. Axford in his response.

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