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ajamils1 wrote:

Interestingly, it is lower Low Light score than D5200.

Actually, it is the same score.  Take a look at the noise charts.

If they are same score then it is more concerning specially when you consider all the hype about the exclusion of LP filter. So in theory, removing it did not help D7100 gain any advantage. So (at least for me), if the addition features are not important (flash commander, more auto focus points, 1.3 DX crop etc) D5200 is a better value for money.

This is the same conclusion drawn by those testing the D800 and D800E.  The removal of the AA filter will for the most part improve the resolution of very fine detail, but gross features in the frame won't see much difference.

The primary draw of the D7100 is, like the D7000 before it, beefier build, more direct controllability, in-field AF fine tuning, and the ability to write RAW data files at multiple quality levels including one that is slightly better than the compressed 14 bit of the D5200.

But this is exactly the same choice that one had with the D7000 and D5100.

If you've a small lens kit and don't mind sending it back to Nikon Service at first and occasionally thereafter for lens and camera AF calibration, the D5200 is a nice, compact IQ package. But if you've got a few lenses, including 3rd party manufacturers, then the cost of a 3 lens + body calibration (not withstanding its exclusion of 3rd party products) is pretty much made up in the difference in body costs.

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