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Re: My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

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Are we talking about image quality, we must not forget the Pana FZ30-FZ50. I can still see a better depth in images taken with the FZ30 vs Fuji HS30.

If you are gonna compare 400mm+ or IS0200 and above, FZ50 is like a wimp compared to HS30.

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I wouldn't exactly call it a wimp, at 420mm it was only f/3.5...and if Panny would get off their ar$e and revive it with new updated internals they would have a winner for sure, the AF is slower than smoke off a camel turd and the processor as well...the EVF and LCD look like Roman Times compared to the newer models...

BUT it ain't no slouch Joms...

Sea Gull



Joms when he sees someone using an FZ200

Neat shot

LTZ470 looking at Joms bird shots

Kiddo Capture

Lol. Those are really nice base ISO images Cole. I've got a couple of in-flight shots today from HS50.

-=[ Joms ]=-

Look forward to the Gulls on the Wing!

Yes, but that would be the only reason to buy a Superzoom, Joms even the ISO 400 shots don't do anything for me after shooting the RX1 at ISO 3200, I am a fair weather base ISO super zoom shooter to be honest and don't even go out on bad days to be honest…love shooting in the sun, thats why Florida is so great for birding and nature shots…this was shot at night with this guy in the shade and i pulled the shadows from this ISO 3200 jpeg from RX1, so no high ISO Superzoom shots for me…I take the right camera with me most of the time for what I am doing...

IF I was going to shoot High ISO Zoom shots I just use OMD and 100-300 at ISO 400 which looks better than Base ISO SZ shots even at 35-40ft...

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Mr Ichiro Kitao, I support the call to upgrade the FZ50.
I will not only buy one but two no questions asked...

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