RX100 or NEX for my needs?

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Questions thread
webshark3 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,039
Re: RX100 or NEX for my needs?

I would agree with you. But last year I started using a Canon s95 over my Canon HF11 (camcorder) for better low-light performance (larger sensor). But it lacked zoom and any type of video control.

I've been testing the RX100 video. With full manual video control, excellent low-light, some DOF control, and pocketability, it may have just replaced my HF11 for 99% of my shooting.

Remaining caveats to replacing the camcorder:

- I have a extended life 8 hour battery I can put on the camcorder.

- Long zoom versus (typically 10x-50x) the limited 3.8x zoom on the rx100.

- 30 minute limit (4GB) on files.

- (RX100 specific) lacking 720p modes.

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