What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

Anders W wrote:

richarddd wrote:

Macx wrote:

Hmmm? But when talking about stacking, I'm not talking about averaging, I'm talking about adding to the sensor data. This way you get the same amount of extra exposure in the shadows that you would by bracketing, but with the added advantage of extra exposure for the rest of the tonal range too. And perhaps with a lower read noise than base iso, too, if you so prefer.

Stacking images should give you at least as good noise performance in the shadows as bracketing.

What exactly are you doing with the images - what software, what steps?

Macx, Richard, and oliess. I am more than happy to discuss this theme, i.e., what we might want to do by thinking "out of the box" (merging, exposure bracketing, and so on) in this thread (or another one). But I suggest we first try to agree on the contents of "Exposure 101", i.e., what would normally (not always, there are exceptions) be the best we can get in a single shot. Once we are done with that, we can move on to more advanced topics, like the interesting question of when we should either violate the normal rules or proceed beyond single-shot photography. My take on what the normal rules would be is provided here:


Does that look OK with you as far as "Exposure 101" is concerned?

I was hoping we were pretty much there already. Except for inventing a language for it, where there are still some dents to be buffed out, in my opinion.

Your linked guide seems pretty much spot on for the hands-on-camera aspect of getting the highest quality of raw files out of the camera (especially the E-M5).

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