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Whalligeo wrote:

photomunkey wrote:

I've shot professionally with a D300 since 2008. I tried a D7000 and found the IQ very good but the AF system worse. I've tried two D7100s now and while the AF systems have had calibration problems, I won't go back to shooting either a D300 or a D7000 because the IQ is simply THAT MUCH BETTER. The ability to crop and resize photos like the 21+ mp output of the full-size Canon bodies makes this an incredible camera for a miniscule price. So what if it takes me a while to get one which focuses properly on all 51 AF points, once I do I'll be set with a fantastic DX body and my clients will be super-happy with the vibrant, sharp photos! That's the bottom line for this guy.

I think your seeing a benefit in the pixel count rather than IQ improvements.

I've also come from a D7000, and I can easily say at 100%, the D7100's noise grain is much finer and more consistent, and the colors much more accurate and pleasing overall.  The colors are better retained at high ISO in comparison, as well.

If you shoot carefully and at low ISO , the sharpness of no low pass filter will allow a 100% image to be used in place of the usual scaled down cropped or full size image.  It's that sharp.  Never had an image like that from my D7000 (even with LV focusing), and I'm using all the same lenses.

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