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Ok, I had to do something with the Nik Collection, so I executed the downloaded file and all went fine. I didn't find anything related to Nik from CS2 Photoshop, which was obvious, after reading the software requirements. So I went to the Google folder, opened it, folder by folder. Picked all the .8bf files and dumped into Photoshop plugin's filter folder and yes all those containing only those .8bf files worked fine. But there are also .fhm files and tose are mystery ones. Where to put them, to get it all workin? Well I don't know, may be doing all that is against the license agreement? But I do not know that either, yet.

I was too happy too early. By executing the Nic Collection and dumping those .8bf files to the plugins filter folder I was able to try out the plugin in Photoshop CS2. The sliders did what they where meant to do, but this morning when I had to fix a photo I came across an problem. I can't save  the file I've altered to my liking. So back to the basics and older NIK versions. It hurts, to be so dumb.

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