Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

depscribe wrote:

As with most things Fuji, the hardware seems fine and the camera will be, too, once they get the software sorted. There are two things about it which ruin the shooting experience for me (and as an X10 and X100 user I'm accustomed to the alternatives): First, there is no focus area indication whatsoever until the shutter is half pressed, whereupon it delivers some off Fujified definition of where it thinks or hopes you intended to focus. Yes, this is in area mode, round-object "face" mode off, and so on. An area focus box with infinity parallax setting, ala the X100 in OVF mode was expected and I'm mortified it was not delivered. Others have commented on this. It is something one ought to be able to expect if it's a camera meant for serious use. Second, I'm accustomed to shooting through the viewfinder, glancing at the LCD to make sure I got the picture, then pushing the shutter release halfway to turn off the LCD and return t shooting mode. This is impossible with the X20 -- instead, the choices are to use the LCD all the time, use the OVF all the time, or use rthe eyeball mode, which has the LCD on when one's face isn't against the camera. This of course has a detrimental effect on battery life. Why a perfectly useful feature was removed I do not know. I suppose it is to highlight the fact that with its eyeball detection technology the Fuji Photo Film Company has mastered something available at every grocery store entrance since the 1950s . . . which is to say that it's not that impressive. I turned it off in my X100 and I've turned it off with my X20. Now, if they'd restore a user-configurable review-on-LCD mode and give us a pre-focus focus area indication in the viewfinder, the camera would be *almost* perfect.

Almost? The jury is still out on OOC jpegs. So far I think they are about equal to those of the X10 and the LX-5. Which is nice, but not necessarily something to brag about. They can do better. But again, Fujis are measured after the second firmware update. I do wish I'd waited for that.

Made to test the X20 for its suitability in photographing the Easter Triduum in the coming days. It is, I think, marginally superior to the X10 in some respects, but it still may not be as good as the LX-5 with the little clip-on electronic viewfinder in this kind of photography. But I'm not sure that any camera surpasses the LX-5 in this kind of situation. This was shot in program mode with auto white balance.

Do you consider this sepia effect a good example of AWB? Or is this another minor quirk that would bother only the amateur snapshooters, not the pros like you.

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