Switzerland already more European than the UK?

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Re: You have sweet illusions

papillon_65 wrote:

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papillon_65 wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

No I mean from Rome all the way through to the Soviet bloc. The USA is a single country, it's not composed of many smaller countries, every state sees itself as American.

I suspect there are a lot of Texans who aren't happy with you right now.

So one state?

That's all Switzerland is. It's also smaller than Texas and has a lower population.

No, Switzerland is a country, Texas is a state of the USA, did you not do basic geography at school?

Apparently you don't know all that much about how the USA is structured, nor do you know much about the nationalism of Texans in general.

Note, when you use the term "United States", think of it as a literal term.

Either way though isn't that the point?

If you ever get around to making one, send me a PM.

I think we need to work on your geography before we tackle more difficult issues like international sovereignty. Lets get you walking before we run eh 

How very clever of you. I await your PM for when you actually have something intelligent to bring to the table. I get the feeling you are very close to crossing your arms and saying "challenge accepted"

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Always remember, whenever you declare someone the dumbest person on Earth, someone else will stare at their screen intently, cross their arms and say "challenge accepted".

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