D7100 gets DXO'd

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Re: D7100 gets DXO'd

I've shot professionally with a D300 since 2008. I tried a D7000 and found the IQ very good but the AF system worse. I've tried two D7100s now and while the AF systems have had calibration problems, I won't go back to shooting either a D300 or a D7000 because the IQ is simply THAT MUCH BETTER. The ability to crop and resize photos like the 21+ mp output of the full-size Canon bodies makes this an incredible camera for a miniscule price. So what if it takes me a while to get one which focuses properly on all 51 AF points, once I do I'll be set with a fantastic DX body and my clients will be super-happy with the vibrant, sharp photos! That's the bottom line for this guy.

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