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One River wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Yes, people are supposed to completely ignore trolls. It is the only way to deal with them.

Bingo. A collective effort to be on the same page and ignore it is the only way. It will come at a cost, at first, because things will be posted about Sigma that people feel is unfair. But if we execute, that too will go away in short time. As of now, the reaction is spectacular. Forum members at each other like pit bulls for days and days in several threads. Some of the most effective trolling I've seen, to be honest...

The problem with ignoring is that trolls are not stupid, meaning they can phrase their questions as legitimate, or worst someone with a legitimate question - but formed naively could be mistaken for a troll and ignored.

Is it not better for those you come here to learn, to be informed, that the questions on purple blotches are not real questions so they need not be concerned that the camera is at fault. Call a troll a troll and as in the previous anti-troll thread - troll question dissected with acumen that readers both learnt more about photography and learn how to identify a troll post.

There are some resident trolls - that could be ignored and some who are not some much as trolls but resident dedicated enthusiastic purveyors of negative responses, who never contribute anything original or positive and now defend trolls.

As Laurance wrote, it is all part of the internet world we live. It happens in every forum for every topic from growing organic grass to launching space rockets.

Viva la Foveon.

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