Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

vbd70 wrote:

BobNL wrote:

I used the x.rite colorchecker to set a custom white balance for all three cameras. Then used manual exposure to shoot the chart making the framing approximately similar. -Made a small mistake with DP3M though, Isomehow it switched to a faster shutterspeed, 1/3 of a stop- Shots are taken mere seconds apart, light was natural but pretty stable overcast. In SPP I adjusted the white balance using the second grey from the top left. On all three that meant an adjustment of 2Y+2M. Saved the file as ProphotoRGB 8-bit TIFF. And did the readings in Photoshop using a 11x11 pixel color pricker.

As far as I'm concerned this resulted in pretty similar color responses. I did not find any big deviations. So my conclusions; (when using a custom white balance) the three cameras yield pretty similar color responses.




Thank you Bob, very instructive. There are, in fact, very minor differences between the three cameras (not just between the DP1/DP2 versus the DP3), which I think might be attributed to test conditions. Discrepancies don't seem so large as to justify different hardware or even FW process between the cameras.



Test conditions were scientifically not 100% perfect of course. I just wanted to have an idea if any of the differences as proclaimed are indeed so big. I now think that if they exist, they are minimal. What might differ is the rendition of the DP lenses. Maybe there is something to be found. In any case I think I will try custom white balance more often.

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