What makes more sense?

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Re: What makes more sense?

Dave Lively wrote:

Since you are not sure what you want buy the camera with the 16-50 and use it for a while.  You will have a nice camera with a very compact zoom.  After using it for a while you should be able to answer this question much more accurately.

+1  Use the 16-50 for a while and that will tell you what you need next.  You are really asking the question low light versus extended reach.  IQ of course plays a part here, but in the real world not as much as reading DPreview blogs will suggest.

After using it for a while you may find you want to go in other directions for another lens.  For example maybe a fast legacy 50, which would give you low light capacity at a much lower price.  Or a macro lens.  It's hard to know right now; just don't do what I and many others here have done, get GAS (gear acquisition syndrone), or in this case LAS, and think a new lens will open up new horizons.  I went through several cameras and lenses before I realized what I was doing.  And I might add I tried my wife's patience almost to the breaking point.

The most important thing in being a photographer IMO is to get to know your equipment well, find out what you can do with what you have, find your preferred shooting style, and eventually your question will answer itself.


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