Is professional photography dying out?

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some things to think about, books to read

Rule Number one of ANY business - Is there a market for what you want to sell? What is that market? Where are they? Who's serving them now?

You failed to mention WHAT you are marketing - seniors, weddings, pics of dogs, landscapes? Makes a BIG difference.

Go to a bridal show and try to sell dog portraiture. Won't be successful.
Go to a prom and offer landscapes for their walls. Again, it won't work.

What are you selling? Who sells it now? What exactly are they selling? (files, prints, framing, the experience of being thier customer, style of photography, etc).
You need to target your ideal customer.  Is your customer low end (volume, mcdonalds, etc), high end (richer, disposable income). Why is your customer buying? Brides buy for different reasons than hs seniors than mom's buy baby pics and folks buy family pics. Some have deadlines and some do not. ALL are seasonal in one way or another.
Nobody can do business with you if they don't know who you are. Step 1 is to become known by your target market.
Your branding is critical - 'high end' folks are used to different 'treatment' than low end. If you want the 'lexus crowd' you have to treat them like other businesses the frequent - colors, logo, fonts, music, how you dress all have to 'say' the same thing.  If you are after teens showing up in a suit and tie and higly polished shoes is probably going to come across and old and stuffy and no fun - but a CEO expects no less.
go to amazon and read some boooks - martin lindstrom, paco underhill are two good ones to start wtih. Also Al Ries has some great books.

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