Victory against a photo thief, video and a blog on how to catch and stop photo thief's

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Re: Victory against a photo thief, video and a blog on how to catch and stop photo thief's

Vegasluvr wrote:

Most of these people who steal images are business owners or wanna-be professional photographers. I had a lot of my professional sports images stolen by someone in China. I posted all of my sports images on the Internet. While in China, I saw my NBA images in their newspapers and magazines. Then through investigating, I found out the person who stole my images was the owner of the newspaper/magazine who was worth over $12 million(US).

Several freelance photographers I know have stolen images like yours. They use it thinking the real owner of the images cannot possibly find them. One tried to defame the thief. The owner lived in England. This thief took the owner of the image to court in the US and after 6 months won a settlement from the real owner. He proved that the defamation of his character as well as there was no registered copyright on the image © Joe Smith 2013 caused him to lose a huge client. Not sure why the jury sided with this thief (US law) but I do know this guy used the money to buy a nice brand new expensive sports car!

This is one of the reasons why I do not post my images on the Internet. I valued my loss at about $160,000(US). If I do, I blur it a bit and it would be a thumbnail image.

This doesn't sound right at all. I can't find any reference to this case - could you supply some details? Registering copyright is not necessary in England - as far as I know there is no registration process available in the UK, yet copyright still applies. I'd be interested to see why this case went the way it did, assuming that it is real.

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