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Re: Warning. Honest.

Santelia wrote:

Steve, so time machine will handle the back up without much effort however if the external drive used for the back up fails; disaster strikes. If cloud back up is not an option then back up to 2 HD's might be the alternative? Hoping that if one fails the second one is working fine.
Scary thought I have about 28,000 pics.

I have three (count em) storage areas for pictures - Current stuff that I'm working on stays on the MacPros internal drive.  Older stuff goes to a Synology NAS which is automagically backed up to four different 2 GB external harddrives (one each for photos and video).  One set is taken to work and stuck in a locker and rotated out more or less weekly.

Cheap, easy.  When any hard drive fails (they will), I turn it into magnets and buy another one and put it int he system.  And the best of my pics have relatively a large file copy stored on Flickr so if the whole town gets flattened by a meteorite my family can try and figure out if it's worth paying the upkeep....

The MacPro is backed up by Time Machine on a firewire interface and by two alternating SuperDuper backups of the boot drive.  That way, if the boot drive fails, I just boot off of one or another of the copies until I install a new drive.  If I hose the system by doing Something Stupid (a common occurrence, alas) I have at least one 'known good' copy of the system files.

Belt, suspenders, Velcro....

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