Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

axcentphoto wrote:

Been there, done that...the hard drive crash. Now I back-up on CD and even put the best in the 'cloud'. Not sure how vunerable the 'cloud' is. Anybody know??? Brent

Incredibly vulnerable.

You are at the mercy of your ISP, the cloud's server, their hoster, the intermediate servers, DoS attacks from script-kiddies.

There was a faulty server on the AsiaCom group about a month ago - whole section of the net were only accessible vis proxy or VPN - what if your cloud files were behind that?

And then you are at the mercy of Govt. laws - they make a law that makes the cloud host give them access to your files "to check for terrorist actions" or "to combat kiddy porn".. and your privacy means nothing (even if you might be one of the fools who say "If you have nothing to hide..")

No data storage method is really 'safe', but the safest is redundancy - do a cd, dvd, bluray, flash drive, external hard drive, cloud, etc - do them ALL - four or five identical copies on different means and methods.

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