Sigma 30mm noise?

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Ed B
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Re: Sigma 30mm noise?

WIstrange wrote:

I recently purchased the Sigma 30mm lens ($200 deal for both 19 and 30mm was too good to pass up). Besides the rattle when the camera is not turned on, which I've read is normal, I'm hearing a noticeable clicking noise when I change the aperture and a hum when I use autofocus. Is this normal for the lens? I was able to dig up a few older threads that mentioned this but none of the ones I read came up with an answer.

The lens is also noisy when I turn the camera on and off but I'm less concerned about this since I assume it's related to the normal rattle.

Thanks for the input.

The Sigma 30mm lens I have does rattle if you shake it and does make a quiet clicking noise when the camera is initially turned on. It also makes a clicking noise when the aperture is changed.

Haven't noticed a hum.

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