I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...

ARB1 wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

With digital, clicks are free, people get to experiment with all sorts of shooting, everyone who buys a SLR try out action shooting, many find after 500 or 1000 clicks, it is not for them. In film days, how many people could afford doing this ?

Just a random question, does anyone think folks are becoming better photographers because of the instant results they get from digital, or were folks more inclined to give more thought to their photos in the film days making them better photographers?

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"Easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
-- Frederick Douglass

There's certainly merit in slowing down as film forced people to do but on balance the instant results tip the scales as a greater advantage IMO.

You learn more from your mistakes than you successes, and the more quickly you get that feedback on your mistakes the quicker and more effectively you'll learn from them.

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