Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

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Re: Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

ChuckTa wrote:

The strenght of Fuji is not sharpness. It's the color and rendering of images that has a more 3D look. If you want resolution/sharpness, I suggest you compare it with the Samsung NX200. If you look at the cloths texture, it even beats the Nex 7.

Because there is no AA filter, the sensor had to have a non-standard pixel layout pattern - to avoid moire.

Assuming the Fuji layout works well, the removal of the AA filter will allow for more detail than a traditional, regular Bayer setup. This will however only be noticeable under certain conditions. Some pictures will benefit, other will not. And the result will be minor in difference, not major.

A higher resolution sensor (20Mp on the NX200, 24Mp on the Nex-7) will always capture more detail, given a proper lens. Then the image rendering is subject to the image processing software, it being in-camera, applied to RAW or JPG, or in post-editing.

I still see Fuji's approach as a clever marketing trick: find a way to differentiate, and then create the illusion that it is all about this differentiation. It seems to be working.

In fact, Sony appears to be the most 'exact' in terms of RAW Sensor Data,  and True Optical Performance (E24Z), but is (finally?) slowly waking up to: FW-based lens corrections (1650), intelligent NR reduction (N7, A99), pre-processing RAW data/re-stating ISO (N7), in-camera filters (CIZ, Pano), and more.

It is kind of sad, but all manufacturers seem to do this now: do whatever works in the P&S market, and apply this to the APS-C markets now. It dumbs down the photographer, but improves the scores by reviewers. And reviewers get re-quoted over and over again until the myth is formed.

I put up my favorite example of the OOC JPG and the post-edit JPG. Again, the OOC JPG is very accurate, given lighting conditions at the time, but I prefer the post-edit result. Any manufacturer can do this in camera, and some will do this to the RAW. And I see the reasons why, even I don't often process for color jazziness, and would prefer if the camera had algorithms that sort this out. But either way, there is more in a picture than is perceived, and one should keep this in mind.

However, a camera that produces the second image, without my doing, would not be my first choice... as I prefer the first (accurate) rendition, and do my own optimizations in post.



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