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Re: DPR Doesn't Think It's Perfect?

Annex wrote:

A lot of the "user interface is bad" comments in reviews are simply because most of the reviewers have learnt using canikon and they are hardcoded to believe that that is the *right* way.

In truth if you have used both *and persevered* it's pretty simple to see that both approaches have pluses and minuses, its just a learning curve between the 2.

I have used both, and still do, and many more . Which makes about as much sense as what you said above .

There is no Canikon approach, but there are a number of different camera UIs, which are fairly similar , including some of Sony's .

Now why would cameras from different manufacturers have such similar controls and software , ever since there were cameras ?

Maybe it's because using a camera isn't rocket science, the relative importance of certain controls is the same on my Sinar and my Canon - and my Nexs - and the shortest way from A to B is still a straight line .

No matter what model, the Nex UI sucks; it's not different by any means, it's just worse . It's often erratic in layout and control assignment, some of the more important features are hidden, some poorly implemented, some bundled together without sense, and so forth .

Anti-shake menu placement, MF-AF combo function, forced MF enlargement, timer/remote bundling, control wheel deactivations, to name a few .

You want to deactive IS , put the camera on a tripod and do an exposure bracket with your remote, or self-timer, cause your cheap china remote quit working again . Since the camera is on the tripod, you do a quick AF pre-focus, then adjust focus manually while also adjusting the framing. Depending on your Nex model and lens, neither of it will work at all or some of it will, but involve menu diving and choice language . Same when you are done and want to set everything back to regular walking-around mode .

Most DSLRs have much more complex functions, many more features, but there never was a 'learning curve' when I first used it . The Nex is simple by comparison, but much harder to use - the key word here is intuitive , the Nex just isn't .

For most amateurs, and some pros, any camera is a bit of a challenge, because they are not intimately familiar with photography; for them, there is no wrong or right way to use their gear, they just do what the UI designers want them to do .

For experienced photogs, there is efficient, and stupid . The Nex does the latter, and goes one further with some basic functions, adding unavailable .

And yes, the display must be made fully articulated .

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