Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

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Re: Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

dzajba wrote:

Well I've seen a lot of HIGH ISO pictures from XE-1 and my NEx-5N is far behind in terms of noise performance. This X-Trans sensor is so good for an APS-C that it's almost ridiculous.

Sony applied a more advanced NR algorithm in the A99, which is finding its way to the 7N. It gives about half a stop improvement versus not using this method. I have a feeling that they are being pressured to follow the other mfgs here.

RAW is RAW and high ISO is high ISO. But only DxOMark tries to establish a comparison line between sesnors/cameras. Most reviewers, and users, use the data from the camera and compare before post-editing.

I find it easier to compare post-editing, using my own flow, or rely on the DxOMark analysis.

A camera that applied NR to RAW or JPG, leaves less headroom for post-editing, but OOC JPG images, and unprocessed RAW images will look startling better.

Also, a camera that overstates its ISO will make its user believe that the camera performs better in low light situations.

Put the results in post-editing, and you'd be surprised that the results are all the same - sensor size and sensor generation determine much of ISO noise. The sensor type, AA filter, and on, and specifically the lens used, determine sharpness and IQ, if circumstances are very well controlled, otherwise shot to shot variance can be misleading.

I agree with the original poster - the results, especially after post-editing, are so close that it doesn't make a noticeable difference.

Anyone who comments on major difference, is not compare the image IQ, but the OOC results.

You can set the Nex camera to very impressive OOC (JPG) results too, but I don't recommend it. I like to post-process JPG images as well, and the (neutral) camera settings let me do this. If I adjust contrast, sharpening, color, I can do far less in post-editing.

And in that sense, the Fuji images are not what I seek. I would have to use RAW, but RAW flows on the Fuji sensor are still a struggle, given the x-trans non-traditional layout. I understand that they had to do this, if removing the AA filter, but I see most Fuji users relying on their JPG engine as a result.

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