What makes more sense?

Started Mar 24, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: What makes more sense?

Being asked to reply, here I go:

I only buy another lens if and when I am limited by the ones I have for what i want to photograph.

As a beginner and young one i wanted everything but used very little of what I had.

A bit more mature (?) after 55+ years of photography, I tend to like shorter, wider angle lenses more than the long tele ones that I lusted for at first, 40 years ago.

Much more of the world is right in front of me and the distant views of a castle or mountain or ... are just so trite to depict. Postcards usually get their images on other days than I can when I am there on a rotten light, overcast day ...

Please feel free to make your own mistakes, though. I did, so will you.

And a bit besides  the point: a 50mm and a 50 - 200 zoom are totally different beasts. As if you had  asked us what to buy: a Vespa or a bike; for what very different purposes?

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