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Re: Bad purchase decisions and habits?

Teila Day wrote:

What was your reasoning behind upgrading so often?  (asked with genuine curiosity, not sarcasm)

I'd say the reasoning for going from the D70s to the D200 was just that the D200 was so much better of a body to work with.   I don't recall being tempted by the sensor as much as the body controls, which were more like the N90s I had used for so long.   Much more responsive, and much quicker to make changes.   Better viewfinder.  Better LCD screen (which is kind of funny considering how much better they got after that).   Faster fps.   I added a vertical grip (which I put on all my bodies), and I was quite happy.   I'm still happy with that body style.

Going to the D300 (in the same year) was basically succumbing to marketing, as I really, really wanted it.   Mostly for the higher ISO capability, but all the little things it did better than the D200 added up to be more than the sum of the parts.   It was a DX camera that Nikon really got right.

For a long time my goal was to have better and better high ISO performance.   With film, I was shooting ISO 25 (Ektar - beautiful film) to 100 (Sensia/Provia, Fuji print).  My 'sports' film was ISO 400.   And Kodachrome and Velvia.    You just can't shoot those indoors without flash, and I don't generally like flash on camera and bounced from camera.   When a new film would come out, I'd switch to it and look for grain at higher ISO's.   The D200 got me to about 400.  The D300 got me to about 800-1000.  The D700 got me to about 1600.   The D800e got me farther, though I haven't figured out how far yet.  All those pixels gives unexpected flexibility in various ways.

I might add that I really wanted the Dx series, but could never afford it.   When the D3x came out, it would have been the perfect camera for me.    If the D4 has 24mp and 10fps, it would be the perfect camera for me now I think.

I know a lot of people look at the economics and skip generations, buy sparingly, etc.   But this is my HOBBY, and I *have the money* to spend on it.   I remember collecting cameras when I was a kid, mostly because I just liked the equipment.   I tend not to get rid of them either.   I keep them until it seems they have so little value used that it's not worth the effort to sell them.  I paid over $1000 for the N90s, and I see them on sale now for $50.   I still have my Dad's old Stereo Realist and my grandfather's old Contax.   I still have my Yashicamat 124g (which I'd like to use again, because it's such a different style of photography).

I'd say I enjoy the taking of pictures as much or more as the viewing of the results.   Underwater too - you want to talk expensive upgrades, start looking at dive housings.

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