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Re: DPR Doesn't Think It's Perfect?

Annex wrote:

A lot of the "user interface is bad" comments in reviews are simply because most of the reviewers have learnt using canikon and they are hardcoded to believe that that is the *right* way.

In truth if you have used both *and persevered* it's pretty simple to see that both approaches have pluses and minuses, its just a learning curve between the 2.

For me the fn and assignable NEX wheels are pretty awesome for 99% of the shooting I do (A or S priority mostly with MF). It may not work for people to shoot other ways (eg 100% full manual exposure with AF) but for me I do massive amounts less menu diving on the NEX.

The problem is just that canikon are so embedded that even reviewers who are trying to be objective are unconsciously biased towards the status quo.

That's the problem, though. Everything but the 7 only has one assignable wheel, so you can really only change one setting without having to press a button. This goes for most digital cameras that come in under the $1000 line...all of the Oly m4/3 models except the E-Px and OM-D, all of the current Panny models except the SLR-style cameras, any Canon below the 60D, any Nikon below the D7000, etc etc. So what a reviewer's rating of any of those cameras comes down to is basically "how many buttons do I have to press before I get to that setting" and "how annoying are the menus along the way." It has nothing to do with the brand on which you were raised, but is more reliant on the fairly objective idea that the faster you can get to important settings, the better a camera's user interface can be rated. Unless, of course, those wheels are all in bizarre unreachable positions.

Now, if you're writing a more comparative review, it'd be fairer to say something like "the NEX-6's user interface is an improvement over the 5n and easier to use than [insert comparable other-brand camera here]. But it's still not as good as the NEX-7's, or [insert other brand's NEX-7-level camera here]." A reviewer definitely shouldn't be saying "The NEX-6's interface sucks" with no context.

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