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Re: Color shift is more troubling

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..............I'm still wondering why given this Nikon moved away from the Sony sensor.  About the only neutral reason I can think of, as previously posted, is that the next-gen Sony 24MP DX sensor wasn't ready in time and the NEX-7 sensor wasn't good enough/too obvious.  More conspiratorially, maybe that next-gen Sony sensor is being saved for the FF and Pro bodies. A D400 needs more than just build, buttons, and buffer to distinguish itself from the D7100.  Perhaps that distinction is a better sensor...

We can all guess but one reason may be diminishing returns. Given the current state of evolutions rather than revolutions Nikon may have picked Toshiba due to something as simple as color reproduction - ain't Sony's strong suit at any level in the company.

or price

or ...............

That is one area where the Toshiba sensor seems to definitely outclass the Sony DX sensor. The shadow pushing thing, though, has seduced even the best of us - I remember an article here from Martin Evening demonstrating how amazing Lightroom's shadow pulling with a D7000 image is.  And the image actually benefitted from the pulling...so now everybody does it to their travel photos shot towards the light from underneath a shadowed promenade.

I would suppose that the other thing that's driving some of this is for a while there Nikon lacked feet of clay.  Canon sensors banded, but Nikon's didn't, etc..  There was one pure choice in the marketplace.  Was never really so, but with this generation the diminishing returns in sensor tech are starting to be felt. We have to be a bit more careful again, pay attention to the basics, set aside those ISO-less camera fantasies, and recognize that we'll need a new technology paradigm or a bigger sensor to get really great ISO 6400.

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