The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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Re: The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

aleS. wrote:

lorene088 wrote:

I would like to thank everybody, who brought up the "I don't know what" issue. I can see this certain something in X100 images too and it's important to me to have it. More important, in fact, than strictly technical improvements, such as low-light performance, AF, and others. I don't own an X100 (yet), and I've been waiting for this exact info before I could decide whether I should buy an X100 or an X100s. Now I know. I'm going with the original X100. I have more than enough cameras to satisfy my needs in resolution, high ISO, etc., and frankly, I'm not interested in that stuff anymore. All I care about these days is that certain "I don't know what" in my photographs. I have it when I shoot film. I also have it in some older digital cameras I own. The X100 will fit nicely in my collection with its own special image look. Good thread, good stuff. Thanks.

I think you are doing the right thing. I'd do the same but the thing is that my X100 killed all my other cameras. I never went back to any of my dslrs. So, since it's the ONLY camera that I use I can see how many pictures I loose because of its lack of speed, etc. I never cared till now that I found I could get a lot more pictures of my kids which is important to me.

I'm flying today to NYC. And going to take the X100s to an experience I already had with the X100.

I'll decide after that.

If I see that I have something worth of it, I'll post examples from both trips.


Oh, I absolutely agree. The X100s is really a perfect camera. My idea of buying the original X100 probably sounds very strange (to say the least), but that's how I am. A cherry is a lot more important to me than the rest of the cake. But who knows. If the X100 will do to me what it did to you (made you forget your other cameras), then I'll think about the X100s once again. have fun in The City

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