Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

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Re: Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

Having shot A LOT of photos with x100's and now the new S I can tell you that the box locked on to that window in the background just between their heads. Give it strong lines like that and it's going to lock to that.

Go smaller with the box and lock on the baby's face and hat. Click.

I have two images with the same thing you're talking about here. Filled the green box with two heads and it locked to the stronger lines in the back. Quickly put that AF box on the arm of one subject and split the green box with that strong diagonal line of dark on light and it locked. Shot at f4 and it held focus to their faces.

AF locks to strong contrast in the background.

Locked focus around here and quickly recomposed.

Turns out... neither shot is really worth a sh!t so at the end of the day... I'm not crying over lost frames.

Note that the green overlay in these images do not correspond exactly to the size of the AF box nor it's location in the viewfinder. I'm just putting it there for illustrative purposes to show where in the frame I was focusing. Walking the streets I usually keep it in the middle, about medium sized, and focus (half press and hold) and recompose.

Oh boy. I hope I don't get sucked back into forums! I used to be on here a long time ago.

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