Has anyone tried Breathing Color Metallic?

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Re: Has anyone tried Breathing Color Metallic?

I have now  made the following comparisons - having decided to forget about the Metallic.

For gloss I have made prints on:-

Vibrance Gloss

Canson High Gloss

Harman Gloss

Once I trim the edges so I cannot see the whiter margin of the Hanson the vote goes to Vibrance. The colours of all three are very much the same - no one looks obviously better. Where Vibrance scores is the feel of the heavier paper and the glossyness of the gloss. Canson is also much more expensive.

For lustre or satin I made prints on:-

Vibrance Lustre

Canson Photo Satin

Harman Lustre.

I can almost  ditto the above paragraph. Again Vibrance scores by having a much more obvious lustre than the other two - and again Canson loses out on price.

In each case I made a bespoke profile using Prism Profiler. I was surprised how similar the colours and tones look on all six papers. I at least expected one of the six to look significantly better or worse. Maybe most papers are pretty good these days and the decision then boills down to surface texture and price.

I ought to add that you are listening to a London based Brit. Maybe the prices vary more in the US. Maybe the fact that the Breathing Color importer in the UK is a relatively new husband/wife operations helps the pricing. Conclusion - for the immediate future they have my business.


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