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Re: A99 bracketing disappointed

Graham Best wrote:

A wired remote may be used with bracketing.

The Sony wireless requires the drive setting to be in wireless mode. Using the Sony, Minolta, or 3rd party remotes that work through the remote port can operate in any drive mode. My Hahnel RF remote (http://www.hahnel.ie/index.cfm/action/productSearch/pid/80) also provides a dual program intervalometer for time lapse.

I find the OP's objections a little silly regarding Sony's bracketing options. If the 3 shot 2 stop option isn't sufficient, and I think it is, one may choose any of the stop settings, manually adjust the range, and shoot multiple sequences. E.G., choose .7 EV, and start at -3 EV for 5 shots. Change the start sequence to 0 EV and take an additional series of 5 shots for a total of 5.66 EV stops over 10 frames, or 7.66 EV over 6 frames using the 2 EV setting.

Most of the time, I just use the single shot drive setting and manually change the EV to cover the range I feel is needed. I'm always tripod mounted and shooting static scenes when bracketing, so if it takes an extra second or two to manually input the exposure range, what difference does it make?


Well, this is precisely the way I've been working around the issue, except for using wireless remote since NEX7 doesn't accept any wired ones.  The challenge with this approach, however, is twofold:

  1. You can introduce image shift while manually changing your shutter speed, especially when doing 5-7+ exposures... even on a tripod
  2. Although it takes just a second or two to manually change the shutter speed...well, that's still another second or two and things move around (clouds, etc.) Might not be noticeable too much, but in some exposures it might be

The bottom line is - it's a workaround and there is no reason I can't be done in a much more streamlined way, the way it's on a D800 for instance.  It's just a nuisance and definitely a poorly thought through option.  Maybe the next firmware can fix it.

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