Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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Re: I have an OMD and NEX

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Really need a new travel camera as my Canon G12 is long in the tooth. I was thinking the Sony NEX 6 might be the best compact APS-C camera to buy for travel purposes. At home, I use a Canon 5D II but don't want to lug this to Europe. The JPEG images at the DP Review comparing the NEX 6 to the Olympus seem to strongly favor the Olympus PM-D E-M5 even though it has a smaller sensor. Any advice strongly appreciated. Any other choices to consider?. Cost not a major factor.

I recently bought an OMD EM5, and I own a NEX F3 since last summer.

Both are great cameras, but MFT lens selection is far superior, and that was my main motivation.

Having said that, I still think NEX has slightly better IQ, but OMD is not bad.

For travel, I think OMD is perfect. First of all, it's weather sealed, as is the pretty good 12-50 kit lens, and some other MFT lenses like the 60 Macro (which I also got). IMO weather sealing is a big plus for travel and trips. Secondly, the lenses are so small (most of them). If you like nature macros, I think OMD + 60 Macro is the best thing going right now.

My heart is still with NEX system (some great memories were captured with it for me), but the OMD has a lot to offer.

weather sealing for OMD is nice to have, but aren't there only two lenses available as weather sealed right now? (60 Macro & 12-50mm kit lens). And they happen to be larger lenses too.  That plus OMD'S rather large body makes it quite comparable in size with an average DSLR...

There are four weather-sealed lenses available, the two Olympus and two Panasonic (12-35 OIS, 35-100 OIS). Here is a list of all weather sealed mirrorless lenses. (Disclaimer: This is my site). And the OMD is quite small without the battery grip. The Panasonic GH3 is more comparable to an average DSLR, as it is the biggest MFT camera to date.

I'm sure it'll deliver in terms of IQ, just something to keep in mind of...same with NEX, you lose petty much all the size advantage if you're taking the E mount 18-200mm

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