Copying EXIF 'date taken' to Windows file name

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Re: Copying EXIF 'date taken' to Windows file name

malch wrote:

AxelR wrote:

malch wrote:

I think the OP wants to set the file created/modified timestamps to the date/time the image was captured. That's very different from embedding the date/time of capture in the file name.

Exactly, and you just gave me a feature idea for next weekend 

Have fun with Time Zones, Daylight Savings and those horrible FAT/NTFS inconsistencies

The fact that EXIF doesn't make any TZ provision won't help either


Most users probably set their camera to the current wall clock time wherever they are, and manually adjust for DST so there is indeed no way for a program to be sure.

Still, an imperfect solution is better than "Jan-1-80" or some other arbitrary time and I think I can do something about this in the form of a batch-processing action that will do exactly what the OP hopes for, in a simple manner.

It could be done today in a crude way from a Custom Script action in FPV, with a couple-of-lines script using the Shell object ("Shell.Application"), but scripting is an advanced topic and the time-zones issues you mentioned would either need to be ignored, or handled explicitly by the script.

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