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How is it wrong to call a troll a troll? What are people supposed to do, just patiently endure stupid and insulting posts from people who enjoy baiting and insulting others? There is a complaint button, but I do not see any reason to not point out that someone is a troll.

Now, it is easy enough for someone to say that he or she is not a troll, that he or she has a genuine (and, to be clear, camera-related...) issue, but in most cases it is quickly and perfectly obvious to the most casual observer that a troll post is exactly that.

And it is course reasonably obvious that the people posting such mean-spirited nonsense are not exactly the most endearing of people, and they may have actual issues in their own lives that lead them to make such annoying posts. At some level and at some point I may forgive them. But there is no reason to go all mushy and act as if it is okay for them to post rude nonsense.

And yet the amusing part is that some people, for reasons that are never well explained, and this despite the many words often used in explanation, feel compelled to actually defend the most patent of trolls: Trolls have a right to post too? Trolls are people too? What can this mean? That we should grow to love trolls? That somehow the line is a blurry one between trolls and others, so we might all be trolls ... That is just drivel.

This forum does need a more robust defense against trolls and such nonsense.

Or perhaps we should just create a special Forum "Just For trolls..." In that forum they could post the most galling and stupid comments about any camera brand that struck their fancy, and insult the various brands and each other with cheerful and reckless abandon. Oh no, wait, that would rob them of the veneer of legitimacy that they seek, and that would be so unfair.


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