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Thanks for taking the time out of your busy "real full time photographer" schedule to drop by.  There are plenty of us who "get" what you were referring to in your statement.  And yes, you're right.  This X100s is the camera that Daniel Craig would carry as James Bond where Sean Connery would have carried a Leica.  Fuji gets it.  I've said in a prior thread that this camera appeals to people for the same reason that the new Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang appeal to people.  High tech in a retro cool package.

I think there's more to it than that.  Consumer Reports does not constantly complain about cars whose radios lack tuning & volume control knobs and tuning buttons, instead relying on touchscreen menus, because CU likes the "retro-cool look" of knobs and buttons, but rather because it's a lot easier and safer to adjust your radio by touch when driving than to take your eyes off the road to futz around with touch screens and menus. Similarly, the appeal of shutter speed and f/stop dials is not "retro cool" and the value of good manual focus lies in usability, not the technology behind it.

Palincss makes a good point.  The 'retro' meme fails to acknowledge that some control paradigms exist and are useful in and of themselves.  I don't have and enjoy an X-pro1 for its 'retro-ness', rather I appreciate the optical viewfinder, the aperture ring, the shutter dial, and the focus control on the lens (though by wire needs to improve). I find the control/s implementation on the X-pro1 to be more enjoyable than that on my Canon gear.

Same here.  I have never enjoyed the use of LCD screens on my Canon gear to make settings. Too many screens and too much need to remove the camera from your eye to make changes. I'm not even talking about the 60D with a touch based rear screen, ugh.  My "high tech in a retro cool package" comes from how Fuji implements the operation of its knobs and dials.  They are all electronic with no actual mechanical linkage to the camera other than sending a signal to a microprocessor telling the camera to change shutter speed, aperture or focus.  The Pentax K1000 has the same shutter speed dial, aperture and focus rings as the X100s. However, each is mechanically linked to its' specific operation.

Sometimes the low tech dial approach is much more logical and intuitive than the true high tech touchscreen approach.  It's simply how that low tech approach is applied that I'm talking about.

I think we all agree that we like the X cameras for the same reason.  We appreciate the logical layout and use of the camera that allows us to quickly and easily make the changes to settings we desire without having to push a multitude of buttons or take the camera away from our eye to do so.



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