The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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Re: The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

I would like to thank everybody, who brought up the "I don't know what" issue. I can see this certain something in X100 images too and it's important to me to have it. More important, in fact, than strictly technical improvements, such as low-light performance, AF, and others. I don't own an X100 (yet), and I've been waiting for this exact info before I could decide whether I should buy an X100 or an X100s. Now I know. I'm going with the original X100. I have more than enough cameras to satisfy my needs in resolution, high ISO, etc., and frankly, I'm not interested in that stuff anymore. All I care about these days is that certain "I don't know what" in my photographs. I have it when I shoot film. I also have it in some older digital cameras I own. The X100 will fit nicely in my collection with its own special image look. Good thread, good stuff. Thanks.

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