Laptop for serious amateur photographer

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Re: Laptop for serious amateur photographer

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I would like a good setup performance wise (Right now my files are 12 MP, but they might get bigger in the near future). My budget is around 1200 euros. I would prefer a touchpad with "separated mouse buttons". I am not after ultimate portability. I am more for a solid build, with little noise and good cooling (which are big selling points for the Asus G55 and G75). The screen should be decent, but doesnt have to be pro grade (within my budget it is probably out of reach anyways).

Do you have an opinion about 15 vs 17 inch for laptops? Do you agree with the G55/G75 suitability for photo related work? Other laptops I should look at?

Solve all your problems and get a Mac laptop. Don't muck about with a Windows based one.

And why diodes buying a Mac solve the problem?  Can you even get a MBP for 1200 euros?

Yes, you can.  But according to the prices posted on the French Apple Store site, that would be for a 13" MacBook Pro (base model).  15" models with quad-core CPUs (which better match the specs the OP seems to want) start at 600 euros more than that, and go from there.

Curiously enough, the numbers for the base 13" and 15" models are the same on the U.S. and the French sites, even though the units (dollars, euros) differ, and the euro is worth more.  I think the French prices may include VAT, whereas the US prices are the prices before sales tax.

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