I used to love my D60, it was my first DSLR.

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Re: I used to love my D60, it was my first DSLR.

Pabloelguapo wrote:

Never understood why it had bad reviews.

I wonder what kind of review my first SLR would have got ? It didn't have any exposure modes at all since it was purely manual. It didn't even stop the aperture down. The metering was faultless - it didn't have a meter. It took decent pictures though - when I got the exposure right and remembered to turn the aperture down after manually focusing that is. Never had to worry about the AF accuracy because it didn't have auto-focus. I don't miss it at all though.

By comparison the D60 is a magnificent camera. It has aperture and shutter priority auto exposure modes, matrix metering, auto-focus and it even stops the aperture down automatically. Amazing !  Put it on manual and take control and it will never put a step wrong.

I am increasingly leery about camera reviews these days. We have reviewers criticising cameras for not having the latest bells and whistles such as GPS or WiFi. Not exactly core photographic features are they ? A touch screen is now a must have feature - I think not ! The spell checker on this here review site underlines the word colour in red whenever it is spelled correctly.

Your D60 takes decent images (with a little help from you) So who gives a damn what some common sense challenged, cock-eyed reviewer says about it.



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