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Laurence Matson
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I beg to differ

And not just because of the dogs:

Eddie Chapman with some of his over 100 terriers. He pretty much single-handedly rescued the real Jack Russell Terrier and brought it into the 21st century. He is part of a line of three men going almost unbroken back the Jack Russell himself. My Raglan was gifted to me by Eddie. He was never one to mince words when it came to the efforts to destroy the real Jack Russell. "Get out of the ring and never come back if I am here."

Internet forums are amorphous. They change over time while remaining constant within the defined theme.

Along with a few others, I have been here from the first posting, when the forum emerged from the Open Forum. The earliest discussions had more to do with the technology, since there was no camera to trash. And they were as hard fought, as full of ignorance, and as ad hominem as anything you might find hard to take now. Worse, in fact. Little known to most, there were quite a few people from Foveon actively participating - contributing - and they tried to help others understand from behind their cubicle walls and anonymity. The doubters were led by Karl Guttag; and one of SteveG's over 30 persona usually cropped up with a Schweik-like claim of Foveon superiority.

Fast forward one decade, we have new players acting out many of the old parts. Trolls, wafflers, fans and foes, know-it-alls and know-nothings, bashers and pundits are fixed elements on the Internet stage. Without being disrespectful, this should not bother you. The ebb and flow has less to do with sea change these days and more to do with personalities. Reading between that nonsense - to which I gladly contribute on occasion - you will still find plenty of wild roses of wisdom in the hedges. Ask Ines.

Jumus wrote:

I don't need to go into a detailed explanation about my statement, it is all too painfully obvious to all who visit this forum. By all I mean everyone. Senior down to junior members, Newbies, Lurkers, and yes, even trolls. What, in tarnation, has come over some, most, all of the posters?  Why all the sarcasm, back-biting, and all?

Just, CUT IT OUT! Let's get back to the business of cameras and digital photography. Otherwise, I swear, I will put a curse on all of you!

Let me repeat. CUT IT OUT. Let's get on with the business of the Forum...Sigma Camera Talk.

So, Here Goes...

In October 2009 I purchased a Sigma DP2 Camera.
Prior to my purchase I had spent numerous hours reading the posts in the Sigma Forum, and looking at the DP2 images posted and referenced. What a wealth of information. Thank you all for your posts.
I didn't become a member at that time because I really didn't have anything to offer the forum. I was new to digital cameras and digital photography and was, and still am, at the age of 71, on a learning curve.
My interest in photography started in the early 60's. I had a Mamiya Twin Lens reflex camera with a couple of lenses. I setup a darkroom and purchased as much "outdated" B&W roll film as I could afford. I went out and shot roll after roll of film, developed them and learned the craft to the point that I could see, from the negative, if I had composed and exposed the photograph correctly. I read a lot about photography and talked to other photographers. (I like Cartier-Bresson's work a lot.)

Long story short, I became interested in digital photography around 2003 or so. Got a couple of cameras took lots of images developed them with PC software and didn't like the IQ of my images.

My search for a decent camera led me to DPreview and eventually to the Sigma Forum. What a great place to get the skinny on cameras and techniques of digital image taking.  Those were the days.  Again, thank-you all very much for allowing me to "Lurk".  I must admit that I was somewhat intimidated by the knowledge and expertise of some of the forum members, and didn't feel that I had anything useful to contribute. So I continued to "Lurk".  (I feel a little un-clean being a Lurker and all.)

Now I will continue to "Lurk" for a while to see if the Forum gets back on track, otherwise I'm outta here.


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