Notebook, Tower PC, All-in-one - what is your hardware ?

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Re: Notebook, Tower PC, All-in-one - what is your hardware ?

jubilatu wrote:

My first thought was to go for a 18.4inch HD notebook with a 2GB Nvidia. But then i looked at those 27inch 2550x1440 monitors - they could help a lot the P&P process. But they have to be matched with a tower PC and they would "tie" me to my desk.

"Have to be matched with a tower PC"?  Any current Intel-based Mac notebook can drive at least one 27-inch, 2560x1440 pixel DisplayPort or Thunderbolt monitor.  GIven that DisplayPort is not a Mac-only standard, it's hard to believe that there are no Windows notebooks with this capability.

For example, a Google search turned up several Lenovos with MiniDisplayPort output, e.g.

Lenovo - Thinkpad T530 datasheet (example of Wintel laptop with MiniDisplayPort connection)

The Lenovo datasheets did not state the maximum resolution of the MiniDisplayPort output, but if it's like Apple's implementations, it will be 2560x1600 pixels (the resolution of a 30" monitor).

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