Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

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Re: Focus area

smatty wrote:

I did not find the largest AF box to be the best approach for good results. I usually use the smallest or second to smallest AF rectangle to narrow down on the region that the AF should lock.

In my tests I found that the largest box is the shotgun approach. The rectangle turns green but it probably locked on the strongest contrast edge it could find. And that does not have to be the subject you were aiming for...

I would have zone focused in this kind of street photography situation...


I agree - zone focusing would have made much more sense. At the time I was testing the camera's AF, and this was just a nice opportunity that appeared in front of me.

However, the green box was nicely covering exactly the subject I was aiming at (using the EVF, so no parallax issue). Maybe a smaller one would have been better, but it really shouldn't have found any way to get this wrong.

And, to reiterate, if I'm just going to be using zone focusing, or MF, then I don't see the value of upgrading from the X100.

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