Nikon 18-35mm G User Review

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Re: Nikon 18-35mm G User Review

tamasine wrote:

Thanks for the review.  It looks to have excellent IQ and would be idea for me with its focal range.

The other lens I'd considered is the 24-85 VR but this one seems to be much sharper at all FLs, albeit missing the VR advantage.

I like the 24-85mm lens very much too, but it is not as good in the corners than this one.

The only thing I'd miss is VR, especially for shooting inside museums or in low light.  I guess with the D600's fantastic high ISO capabilities you could get round the lack of VR by bumping the ISO up and still achieving good results handheld?

Indeed! Between the short focal length and the D600 high ISO performance, lack of VR is not really an issue. Below is a test shot with the 18-35mm G at ISO 3200, with 1:1 crop.

Full image

1:1 crop

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