Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why I'm sending back my X100S (autofocus)

Why use the largest AF box? My experience is that, when using the AF with the X100, having the largest sized box could result in focus locking on something more contrasty in the background, even if it only filled a little bit of the box (compared to the main subject I wanted to focus on). Maybe you should try with other box sizes before sending it back (unless the other points you mention are not enough to justify the cost) ?

I am still in the fence about upgrading, mostly because of money issues. If I manage to sell my x100 when it comes back from having its lens replaced (SAB syndrom), I'll decide. I got used to the x100 AF, so I don't think the x100s can be a step back, even if I do expect the odd incomprehensible misfocus. It is like a proof that my camera is a genuine fuji

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