What makes more sense?

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Re: What makes more sense?

Well you say you use the camerta for traveling, shooting buildings etc. The main questions are:

  1. Do you like to crop things out in a building (like a clock or a statue? YES: then go for the longer zoom
  2. Do you like to do wildlife? YES: then go for the longer zoom
  3. If you like to do wide shots (the total building, the street etc.)? YES: Go for a WA lens (like the 10-18 F4 zoom)
  4. Do you like to do low light pictures? Yes: A large apperture lens like the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm 1.8) is the best choice
  5. Do you like to do portraits? YES then the 50mm is the best choice
  6. Do you like to do all of this? YES: Your Sonys best freind!

Nobaody can tell you what is best for you. You have to answer that question by your self. To sum up the pro's and cons of the prime and the zoom:

Pros Prime:
Better IQ,
Faster (good for low light situations)
More control over depth of field

Cons prime:
limmited fixed focal lenght
Have to switch lenses when you want to use an other FL. (or use some kind of adapter)
Change in FL is step by step
Price is high in the end as you want more FLs, so more lenses

Pros Zoom:
Flexible in use, change of FL is without steps
one or two lenses fits all you need, so cheaper in the end.

Cons Zoom:
It is a large lens on a small camera
It is not realy fast (so not as good in low light)
Indoor it is almost useless (the 55-210mm that is)
Less control over depth of field
Zoomlenss can suck in dust and place it on your sensor while zooming.

Have fun choosing the right lens for you...

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